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August 01/2022

What’s the difference between solid and mesh covers?

A pool cover is a necessity throughout the winter as it keeps your pool safe and prevents animals and humans from falling in.

Mesh covers stretch across the pool very taught.  A mesh cover will allow precipitation to pass through the mesh ensuring no water puddles on top which creates a safety concern.  A submersible pump will sit on the step under the cover to maintain the water level below tile line during the winter.  While, slightly more expensive than solid covers, a mesh cover is lightweight and easy to remove.  Mesh covers have a 12-year warranty for any manufacturer’s defects.

Solid covers help keep unwanted debris and intruders out of the pool.  A solid cover blocks sunlight which makes for minimal clean up at the opening.  Designed to rest on the water surface, an automatic cover pump is required to remove precipitation that gathers on top.   The strong fabric resists the effects of chlorine and sun damage, as well as rips, and tears. The disadvantages are the covers tend to be much heavier which makes opening, closing, and storage much more difficult. Solid covers have a 10-year warranty for any manufacturer’s defects. 


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