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October 01/2022

Winter Watch is recommended once a month, weather permitting.  At the time of your closing, you can either ask for a one time visit or one a month to help maintain proper water chemistry. It is recommended for pools that are prone to scale issu


September 01/2022

Water Safety

 Below are three tips you should follow to ensu


August 01/2022

What’s the difference between solid and mesh covers?

A pool cover is a necessity throughout the winter as it keeps your pool safe and prevents animals and humans from falling in.

Mesh c


Maintaining your pH is one of the most important factors when balancing your pool water chemistry. It’s going to be continuous process that you have to constantly monitor. An ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6 with 7.4 being ideal. NOTEABLE:  The pH scale is logarithmic, meaning


Calcium hardness defines how hard or soft your pool water and it’s measured by the dissolved calcium. Water that contains little or no calcium is called soft and water that contain high levels of calcium is considered hard. The ideal range for plastered pools is 200ppm-400ppm


June 01/2022

All About Backwashing

Backwashing is essential to maintaining clear, clean, and safe pool water.   This process allows for optimal performance of your DE or


June 01/2022

Cloudy Water

There are a few reasons your pool is cloudy.  Could be poor filtration/circulation or even unbalanced water.  Pool needs proper daily circulation as well as proper chlorination.  Pools typically appear cloudy after h


The three treatments that we add each week (in addition to your balancing chemicals) are Stain&Scale Control, Algicide, and Pool Perfect Total.

 Stain&Scale control is used to remove stain causing metals.


A pump can be likened to the heart of a swimming pool. Circulating the water is essential to a healthy, clean swimming environment. What can be done to protect the heart of your pool? You don't have to pay a professional to perform most of these simple tasks that can prolong

We want you and your family to be happy and safe around your pool. With safety concerns out of the way you and your family can focus on the fun to be had and the memories to be made! We know that with a few standard precau

It may feel like the depths of winter, but spring is on its way! If you’re anything like us, you’ve started your to-do list for the warmer weather. It will be here before you know it!We recommend adding some spa maintenance to your list. Opening yo

March 01/2022

Top 3 Mistakes Pool Owners Make

We’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. Pools can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are three mistakes we often see pool owners make.

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The sun is shining and everyone is anxious to go for a swim. The last thing anyone wants is pool repairs during prime swimming season. Pool filtration is a simple process that we might not give much consideration to until something goes wrong. Cloudy water is one indication

February 01/2022

Different types of chlorine and which one to use (granules vs tabs vs liquid)

There are different types of chlorine that you can use to saniti


Fresh and clean water is a basic requirement for a pleasant hot tub experience. We want to unwind, relax and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in a fresh and safe environment. However, there comes a point when the water in a hot tub is no longer fre

Spa Water Mold is a growing problem, especially in spas that are not maintained properly and/or are used infrequently. Many of you have been asking about this problem, so here is some information about Spa Water Mold, as well as how to treat it and how to prevent it.What it

Clean water requires clean filters. Using dirty, clogged hot tub filters in your water make it difficult to maintain clean water and can put unnecessary strain on your hot tub pump and your chemical bills.When to Check Your Hot Tub FiltersHot tub and spa filters should be c

November 15/2021
Hot tub time just got even better. Here are a few fun hot tub games that will keep you and your guests entertained all night long.Hot Tub HockeyUsing either a ping pong ball or floating ducky, try to make it touch the other team's side of the hot tub without touching it. Pla

Owning a hot tub is a special experience.  If you’re coming home from a tough work day or sore from a long day of skiing, a soak in the hot tub can remove all the stress and soreness of the day.  Hot tubs are also a fun way to connect with friends, while creating

October 15/2021
Most of us love the idea of stepping out into a winter wonderland and slipping into a steamy hot tub. Relaxing in our own personal spa, we melt our cares away and feel our stresses subside. But nothing comes with out work. So the question that often arises is this: "How much