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Currently 2021 Season BOOKED for Maintenance Plans.

If you hate the hassle of maintaining a pool, let our experts do the work for you with one of our recurring service plans. 

Maintenance Plan Options

We offer four recurring service plans. These are seasonal maintenance plans.  
Most packages include:
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Brushing the walls
  • Skimming the surface
  • Emptying all skimmer, cleaner, and pump baskets
  • Backwashing or cleaning the filter as needed
  • Testing and balancing the water
  • Thorough review of filter equipment operation.

Deluxe Service 
This service includes 2 visits per week, and includes maintenance chemicals**. One visit is in the beginning of the week to balance the water chemistry and make adjustments. A second visit is at the end of the week to vacuum the pool and balance water chemistry. 
**Salt, mineral cartridges, bromine, stain treatments, phosphate treatments, and other specialty chemicals will be added to bill.

Weekly Service
This service includes 1 visit per week. Chemicals are not included in the price, but are required for proper pool balancing and maintenance. Great Valley Pool Service can provide and bill the necessary chemicals separately. Specialty chemicals required to treat issues such as algae, scale, and staining are also billed separately.
Biweekly Service
This service includes 1 visit, every other week. The customer is responsible for maintaining the pool in the off week. Return visits required to clean the pool due to lack of maintenance in the off-week will result in a $60 follow up charge. Chemicals are not included in the price.

Chemical Service
This service includes 1 visit per week with all maintenance tasks noted, except vacuuming. We recommend this plan for homeowners who don’t mind cleaning, but would prefer for us to maintain the water chemistry. Chemicals are billed separately.

Currently 2021 Season BOOKED for Maintenance Plans.

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