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BioShield UV Disinfection Sanitizer

BioShield ® UV Disinfection Sanitizer harnesses the instant, neutralizing power of Ultraviolet Light to virtually eliminate all unhealthy microorganisms in your pool in a matter of seconds. Cut your chlorine usage in half while “zapping” 99 percent of unwelcome guests like Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.coli and other harmful waterborne pathogens that can cause Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs).


  • Neutralizes harmful bacteria and pathogens quickly
  • Reduces chlorine usage by up to 50% to eliminate itchy skin, burning red eyes and chemical odors
  • Energy-efficient, high-output UV lamps provide up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation while using the same energy of a 60-W light bulb
  • Easy to install and maintain in new pools
  • The BioShield UV Sterilizer pairs perfectly with IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® Pool Control Systems and IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generators and/or IntelliChem® Water Chemistry Controllers for ultimate pool control and operation ease

  • Visual indication of lamp status
  • Low-pressure, high-output UV lamp runs at lower temperatures to conserve energy
  • High-density polymer with a removable end cap provides easy internal access

To speak with someone about Disinfection Sanitizers, please call 610-889-0711.

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